How to Become Part of The Best Forex Traders SA list

Who are the best Forex Traders in South Africa? So far we know Sandile Shezi and Ref Wayne, but there are more Forex traders online. The purpose of this article is to explain how to become a currency trader and how Forex trade works.

Forex Trader Definition

What is a Forex Trader? A definition of a Forex trader states, a currency trader, also known as forex trader or a foreign exchange trader is a person who performs a Forex trade online. A currency trader buys and sells foreign currencies through the Forex market. We have professional traders who are employed by big organisations, as well as individuals who trade to make profit or as a hobby.

Forex Traders SA

How to become a Currency Trader?

Becoming a Trader in South Africa can be for everyone, as most traders have proven through displaying their lavish lifestyles on Instagram. To avoid Forex traders scams, you need to first decide what type of a trader you would like to become. It’s possible to spot the difference between the popular types of trader beginners in relation to institutional traders.

How to become a salaried trader in South Africa

To become a salaried trader, as an employee you negotiate with an investment bank, financial or brokerage firm. Your salary will be fixed. Sometimes you will receive year-end bonuses. In this type of trading, you must be willing to work under pressure and take risks. Also, you need to pay attention to the changes in the forex market, otherwise, they will fire you.

How to become a Trader for own Trading account

There are two types of Forex traders in South Africa. There are those who easily give up when they lose and the others who never give up until they become successful traders. The good thing about when you trade forex successfully, you can create your own Forex company and give others strategies for Forex trading. Own traders can also make profit from social trading.

Forex Traders in South Africa

How to Start trading

Whether you want to become a trader on your own or an institutional trader, you have to follow the Forex market, know Forex trade quotes and fundamental analysis. Learning the basics in Forex is necessary. After you you’ve finished to learn to Forex trade and basic knowledge, rest. The final step is to start Forex trading with real money.

5 Steps to become a Forex Trader South Africa

1. Learn the basics

Each Forex trader in SA has the opportunity to achieve temporary success. Profit requires a lot of experience and knowledge. You must be ready to adapt to all the new challenges of finance. Your goal should be to make a profit and you should never give up easily. The good news is that you can learn more about the basics on

2. Test yourself

It is important to test your trading skills with a demo account before trading with a real account. 

3. Be conscious

You should trade as a player and forget about all the trading rules. You will notice how easy it is to lose money.

4. Be serious about trading

You can train with the money you intend to deposit into your main account to learn how to become a Trader.

5. Start trading with reasonable cash flow

You should trade on a well financed account. If you are smart, you can convert your $ 10,000 into millions in a few years. As we’ve seen Forex traders lifestyle on Instagram. Get books for Forex trading so that you can build own trading style.

You have just learned a step to become a professional Forex trader South Africa. At Forex South Africa, we are happy to assist you compare Forex trade brokers.

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